best perfumes for women in india

A good perfume is highly crucial whether you work in an office, go out for the social gathering, travel, or anything. It eliminates the odor and makes you feel freshen up and confident. While buying perfume for women in India, you need to be very careful because it is not something people buy more often. Most of the perfumes are exorbitant; therefore, you must rely on the optimum scent, which has the ability to last longer and leave a significant impact on the people around you.

If you are bewildered, what should you buy then don’t worry, we got you covered. There are tons of women’s perfume in India. Some of the perfumes contain harmful chemicals that can make you allergen if you are sensitive enough. It is crucial not to wear the fragrances on the skin while buying a new perfume as it can alter the growth of the chosen fragrance. Choosing a perfume is definitely one complicated task when you have plenty of options available in the store. Let’s have a look at 13 best perfumes for women which are proven to suit all types of skins and consist of fragrances ever.

Best Perfumes for Women in India – 2020

1. Davidoff Cool Water for Women

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Mild Deodorant 100ml

  • Quantity: 100ml

Get to experience the best sensation of the top perfume brand in India, Davidoff Cool Water Woman. It feels like a modern mermaid emerging from the sea in the wave of an appealing freshness after you wear the perfume. The perfume is notably reminiscent of creed green tweed of Irish. It is a kind of perfume that lives up to its name. Cool Water is one of the best fragrances available in the market ever, the fragrance of this perfume with eternity by the brand Calvin Klein has sparked reinterest in the market of fresh Fougere.

It contains mint and green nuances, rosemary, lavender, coriander, sandalwood, jasmine, Musk, tobacco, and amber.

The smell of the perfume is extremely appealing, which cannot stop the people from coming around and feeling the fragrance. It is capable enough to leave a positive impact on the people in no time. It lasts quite long, just like all of the exorbitant perfumes. It is pretty much affordable, which you can buy without having second thoughts.

It is undoubtedly an utmost perfume with an appealing fragrance. Cool Water for the women was launched back in 1997, since then it is dominating the market with its unique fragrances with affordable prices. You can rely on Davidoff Water cool anytime in order to fabricate the best impression on people whether you go out for traveling, interview, dates, parties, or anywhere.

The perfume is chosen by the tons of ladies as their favorite perfume ever. The refreshing smell of Cool Water is something you just can’t miss. Davidoff Cool Water has witnessed a long-lasting overdue resistance, all thanks to the Cool Water, and it is still recognized as a reference for the aquatics in today’s world. Overall, the best long lasting perfume for women to go for.

  • Stay odor-free all day long
  • Lovely dry drown
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting fragrances
  • A beautifully designed bottle
  • Sensitive bottle of glass
  • The fragrance is not much strong

2. One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum

One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Oz

  • Quantity: 100ml

Our moment was launched in 2013, and since then, it has been one of the most loved perfumes by women. The deliberate infusion of the fragrance of fresh fruit, warm woody musk, and scented flowers have made the perfume spray an instant hit on the global level. No wonder why it has been a lot in demand for people.

When it comes to fragrances, we are extremely choosy and particular while buying the perfume. We cannot deny the fact that perfume plays a major role in making a nice impression on people. There are so many factors associated while buying the perfume; the fragrance should be unique, long-lasting, and cool. Moreover, the fragrance should echo your personality.

One Direction Our Moment perfume contains all these qualities for being a perfect perfume for the women. It is undoubtedly a great perfume, which is also affordable, and the design of the bottle seems very graceful. One cannot let you go without confirming the name of this excellent perfume. It is an ultimate feminine fragrance that was designed to turn the heads on, be it formal or be it occasional or even the parties.

The perfume is suitable for all kinds of occasions, which is highly attractive because it’s the best perfume for girls in India. The utmost fragrance of this perfume can easily heed the attention of people around you. The perfume does not contain harmful chemicals, which will eliminate the risk factor of getting several allergies.

  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Well-designed bottle
  • Reasonable Price
  • Best for all type of occasions
  • Eliminates the odor
  • It does not last long
  • It can be intrusive for the people around you if you wear excessively

3. Hugo Boss Femme Eau de Parfum Spray

Hugo Boss Femme Eau De Parfum, 75Ml for Women

  • Quanitity: 100ml

It is projected by the fruity top notes of blackcurrant along with the tangerine. The fragrance of Hugo Boss Perfume has been grounded in the musk-lie and in a creamy base. The perfume was launched by the design house of Hugo Boss. It is one of the most recognizable perfumes when it comes to smell alluring and likable. The perfume has won the hearts of numerous ladies because it’s one of the best fragrances for women. Please keep in mind that this perfume can possibly affect the natural smell of the skin and change the way a perfume smells on you. While applying the perfume, you must consider this factor.

However, it only occurs in rare cases. Coming back to the fragrance of perfume, you can undoubtedly buy it if you are looking for perfume at a reasonable price. It may not be available in all of the offline stores, but you can rely on online platforms at any time to buy one for you. There are some factors responsible for altering the scents you prefer, which include stress level, body chemistry, your mood, current medication, and diet 6and age. The perfume has the ability to last longer; however, it varies on the type of skin you have. If you have dry skin, the amount of time the fragrance will last can be minimal.

The perfume has received exceedingly positive feedback from its customers from all over the world. Therefore, you can feel free to rely on it in order to get the most appealing fragrance which suits your skin and personality. Coming back to the effect of the fragrance on the skin types, it was developed considering the factor of how it’s going to react on the skin of women. The product has passed various tests so you can buy it without any risk factor of getting allergies. It’s a magnificent perfume which is considered one of the most valuable perfumes with reasonable perfume.

  • Moderate longevity
  • Spicy opening
  • A clean and fresh smell
  • Too feminine for some users
  • The scent may grow weak rapidly

4. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum, 80ml

  • Quantity: 80ml

It acts as a weapon of seduction who wears it. Unveil your best side with the help of luminous tuberose and high quality sambac jasmine. This particular perfume was launched back in 2016, and since then, it has been dominating the market with its pretty amazing fragrance and uniquely shaped bottle. The unique, sexy oriental fragrance is ironically known as Good Girl with the message, “It’s so good to be bad!”  The company has claimed to proffer an addictive and utmost combination of roasted Tonka bean beans along with the tuberose.

The fragrance of the perfume offers a black stiletto elegantly shaped bottle as 80 ml and 50 ml. If you are wondering who is the nose behind this incredible perfume, then it is none other than Louise Turner.

The bottle of the perfume opens up with a blast of fun and an extremely appealing fragrance. You may feel like it is an exotic cocktail and a sickly gummy sweet. The fruitiness and sweetness of the perfume actually come from the almonds. This proffers the perfume a superior opening, which is fresh and green on one side and warm and fruity on the other side.

The brand of the Goof Girl is one of the top perfume brands in India. If you go on and research it, you will be able to witness that it has received highly positive and feedback showered with love. The groundbreaking bottle, which comes in the form of a high heel, speaks as eloquently of power in modern femininity and modern life.

  • Extremely appealing, well-designed bottle in the form of a high heel.
  • Magnificent fragrance.
  • Long-Lasting
  • Made specifically for the women
  • A bit expensive
  • Sensitive bottle of glass

5. Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for Women

Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for Women, 100ml

  • Quantity: 100ml

It is an oriental fragrance of floral for women. The brand was launched back in 1993. Revlon Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for women includes the top notes, gardenia, orange blossom, violet, peach, black currant, plum. Talking about the middle notes, it includes jasmine ylang-ylang, tuberose, orchid, rose, and lily of the valley. Now coming to the base notes, it includes the sandalwood, honey, amber, Musk, and cedar.

The perfume you wear shows a lot about your personality. Perfume is highly responsible for making a positive impact on the people around you. It is crucial to have a perfume that matches your personality.

Revlon Charlie Red perfume for women is all that you need to stand out from the crowd and smell better than ever. Revlon Charlie is one of the most underrated brands in the industry. If you are looking forward to buying a perfume that is cost-effective and smells magnificent, then you must rely on one of the most top-notch brands Revlon Charlie.

The combination of these notes creates a highly noisy, extremely entropy fragrance that feels very indolic and overpowering. The perfume has received a positive rating all across the internet if you go on and research. As compared to other perfumes, it is very much affordable. The fragrance of this perfume is strong, and it’s capable enough to last longer.

Hence, it’s one of the best ladies perfume in India to buy.

  • Affordable
  • Strong smell
  • Lasts longer
  • Magnificent smell
  • Too feminism for some users

6. Guess Perfume for Women

GUESS Perfume for Women, 75ml

  • Quantity: 75 ml

This fragrance was discovered in 2003, introduced in a pink transparent bottle and box. Guess us considered one of the most valuable brands in the industry. The top notes of this Guess Perfume include Green Apple, Tangerine, Bergamot. The middle base includes Magnolia, Muguet, Peach, Fressia, peony, and red fruit.

Now talking about the base note, it consists of Musk, Amber, Cedarwood, and Moss. Guess woman was launched in 2006 and since it has become the choice of dozens of women. The company has stood the expectation of the people and lives on their word. Guess for women came up in the industry in order to express the guess fashion style.

Guess women are unique and feminine. The brand makes a statement about its users that makes them stand out from the crowd. It’s hot and sexy in a fresh and new way. This one is the unmistakable sign of the guess women. Guess women have been the favorite brands of ladies because it never fails to meet their expectations. The bottle of this perfume is also unique. The perfume opens up with an amazing fragrance of the bergamot and apple.

The opening notes linger around for short as compared to the other perfumes. The heart of this perfume comes into play. The middle notes of the perfume are highly feminine. The perfume is quite popular, and you can rely on it anytime in order to create a positive impact on your surroundings. If you’re looking for some best selling perfumes in India, this option is the most suitable for you.

  • A beautifully designed half transparent bottle.
  • Beautiful Fragrance
  •  Lasts Longer
  • Super-feminine
  • A bit expensive
  • Too feminine

7. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense EDP Spray

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense EDP Spray for Women, 3.6ml

  • Quantity: 3.6 ml

The fragrance of this perfume is all ready to compliment your style and is definitely going to make you step out wearing it. The perfume is manufactured by one of the most leading perfume brands. The fragrance of Armaf Club perfume makes sure you get compliments from the people in your surroundings. You can buy this top perfume for women, and yes, you can also gift it to your friends. It’s undoubtedly an ultimate perfume to gift.

Apart from the fragrance, the appearance of the bottle is also quite appealing. The perfume appeals to all age groups, and that’s what makes it perfect. So go ahead and grab perfume as it is capable enough to suit anyone. No matter what type of skin you have is, and even if you are allergic to some fragrances, this perfume most probably suits everyone. The capacity of the perfume is also pretty good.

The best thing about the perfume is that it lasts longer than ever as compared to the other perfumes. It is a light flavored everlasting perfume, and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd.  The fragrance of this perfume lasts for about 8 to 9 hours, which is quite impressive. The fragrance of the perfume catches people’s attention when you walk through. So, it’s the best smelling perfume out there.

Armaf Club De Nuit intense is highly popular among the youngsters for the elegant, classic, and timeless appeal of these exquisite fragrances. The supreme quality of the perfume makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Light flavored perfume
  • Reasonable price
  • Lasts about 8 to 9 hours
  • Amazing Fragrances
  • Made with top-notch quality notes
  • May not be suitable on some occasions

8. United Colors of Benetton

  • Quantity: 80ml

Colors’ pink perfume is the invitation of the United Colors of Benetton in order to celebrate the diversity all around us. In order to fulfill our lives with colors, flavors, cultures, and languages, it was introduced by the company. Diversity is not just witnessing life in colors. Meaning of diversity is too surprising to yourself each day with something different and new, observation, understanding that each color, each race, and each culture is a new world to discover.

The perfume is an ultra-feminine floral heart that is enhanced by the refreshing and color top notes from Italy. It consists of top-notch quality of notes which cannot be found in another kind of perfume. It comes with transparent, rounded bottles that look simple yet amazing. You can rely on this perfume if you commute daily. The perfume is suitable for parties, social gatherings, offices, and other types of occasions. Talking about the price, it is quite affordable.

The company has offered the perfume in four flavors that include, Colors Rose, Colors Purple, Colors Pink, and Colors Blue. The notes of the perfume include wood and mask and citrus notes. Floral, jasmine, freesia, and rose are also included to enhance the quality of the perfume. United Colors of Benetton is one of the most recognizable brands, and it has been winning the hearts of people for a very long time; therefore, you can undoubtedly rely on the quality. The appearance of the bottle also seems pretty much appealing.

The perfume is also very good at eliminating the type of odors. Indeed one of the best perfumes for ladies in India. It has received very good feedback or review from all of the platforms available online. Those reviews can offer you a great idea about how capable these perfumes actually are.

  • It lasts longer
  • Made by the one of the most recognized brand UCB
  • Reasonable price
  • A perfect perfume to gift someone
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • A bit of a strong smell
  • Sensitive bottle of glass

9. Titan Skin Sheer Woman Perfume

Titan Skinn Sheer Woman Perfume, 100ml

  • Quantity: 100ml

Sheer paints an image of the glamorous beach on Sunday. With the help of cheerful red strawberries and fresh green pear, the most appealing notes are presented in the small bottle.  The initial notes of Titan Skin Sheer Perfume are bright and mouthwatering, all thanks to the green pear accord. The fragrance of the perfume starts on an energizing clementine, conveying spontaneity, and joy.

This is one of the most magnificent perfumes that you can buy in this range of price. It is best for regular use and even for social gatherings. If you are looking forward to purchasing a perfume that can suit your personality, then you should go for it without having any thought.

The perfume has all the abilities to match with all skin types. When it comes to buying the perfume which lasts longer and smells incredible, then there is no better option than the Titan Skin Sheer perfume for the women. It is hard to find out this type of perfume in this price range. The bottle of the perfume also looks appealing. It comes in a transparent bottle of glass. No harmful chemicals are contained in the perfume; therefore, it can also be used by the children.

The fragrance of Titan Skin Sheer woman perfume has been skilfully crafted to have the most cheerful and luxurious that will always stay with you wherever you go. The perfume was designed in France; they have a strict code of conduct of trials and testing according to the world standards, and some of the particular scents were allocated to Titan for their skin brand. The perfumes are entirely tested on humans, not animals.

Thus you can rely on it to have the best experience wherever you travel and make a positive impact on your surroundings. Overall, good perfume for ladies.

  • Light fragrance
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Affordable and Effective
  • Suitable for all kind of occasions
  • Does not last longer
  • Too feminine for some user

10. Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear

Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear Perfume For Women, 100ml

  • Quantity: 100ml

Get the best combo possible of Yardley London autumn, a good ladies perfume that can be used on a daily basis along with the London Autumn Bloom refreshing deo, which has a capacity of 150ml. The fragrances of Yardley London are crafted in order to celebrate the individuality of the woman in today’s world. We all have heard about Yardley. The brand is pretty much popular among the ladies. Yardley is considered as one of the best and valuable brands in the industry.

Yardley London Autumn has an appealing fragrance that is made with incredible notes. It is one of the most affordable perfumes that we have listed. The autumn bloom combines the richness of oriental fragrances along with the fresh flower’s vibrancy. Both the perfume and deo can be used on all types of occasions. As compared to other perfumes and deodorants, Yardley uses the most natural substances in their products.

The bottle of the perfume seems extremely appealing; the orange colors represent the nature of autumn. The design is sleek, and it can be a perfect gift to a friend. You can also gift this perfume to your relatives. The company has always stood the expectation of its customers, and it never fails to break the trust of their buyers.

Therefore you can rely on Yardley London Autumn Bloom for the top-notch quality. With that being said, the perfume has a low price. This combination best fits you if you have not used a bunch of perfumes and are unable to figure out what can suit your personality.

  • These are the kind of scents you are remembered by.
  • The fragrance makes you happy.
  • It is a daily reminder of how you feel about yourself.
  • Does not last longer

11. Nike Woman Azure Eau De Toilette Natural Spray

Nike Woman Azure Eau De Toilette Natural Spray, 100ml

  • Quantity: 100ml

The perfume is perfect for women and their skin types. The perfume was made considering the skin types of women. The brand of the perfume ‘Nike’ says it all. Nike is one of the top ladies perfume brands in India. The company never fails to disappoint its users, so you can rely on the perfume to stand in your expectations. It is easy to carry perfume. Nike Woman Azure becomes the first impression of you; it is a type of perfume that is a daily reminder of how you feel about yourself. Daily use of the perfume will match your personality, and it will be something you will be remembered by.

You can use this natural spray in all types of vacations, whether you are going for office, traveling, or even for working out in the gym. The fragrance is going to stay with you for a long period of time. It has the ability to eliminate the odor and fulfill the surrounding with the most magnificent fragrance. You can never get bored with this perfume as it has a unique fragrance, which will definitely suit your personality.

  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for all types of occasions.
  • Best for working out
  • Does not last longer
  • A bit expensive
  • Fragrance is common

12. Yves Rocher So Elixir

Yves Rocher So Elixir Edp, 50ml

  • Quantity: 50 ml

The essence of glamour. An elixir of femininity that can grab the attention of many people around you. Yves Rocher So Elixir is made with premium notes. A little spray is enough to make a significant impact. It is recognized as one of the most top-notch and valuable performances. It is small in size and can also be inserted in the pocket. You can carry it wherever you go. The few sprays before any interview or party are enough to leave a positive impression of the people.

It does not contain any harmful chemicals. So you should feel free to purchase the product. It is quite affordable, and you can never regret buying it. A carnal fragrance with the luminous makes it smell incredible. If you are new to perfumes and have nit tested tons of them, you can go for it without having second thoughts. It is capable enough to suit all types of personalities. It comes with a bottle of glass, which seems extremely appealing.

It can definitely grab the attention of many people in your surroundings. It has also received positive feedback from its customers, and you can also use it on a daily basis.

  • Light fragrance
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Lasts longer
  • Exceedingly appealing fragrance
  • A bit expensive
  • Too feminine

13. The Body Shop Shea EDT


If you want to be a woman who is always known for her good fragrance, you should definitely opt for the most amazing The body shop Shea EDT . It is considered amongst the very renowned and favored perfumes in the country. Also, it’s quite notable that it’s cost-effective, and you would never leave dissatisfied while trying it out. It hails with a commendable spray quality and also, it is able to spread out in a sufficient manner.

It’s nutty, as well as soothing characteristics would leave you spellbound. Its creamy scent is a great companion for you since you can carry it wherever you want, and people would definitely notice your presence. This versatile perfume can set up any kind of setting and mood. Also, you would be able to afford it way too easily since its price would never put any kind of pressure on your pockets. Its bottle is small in size and lightweight, and thus, you can carry it along with you whenever you need it.

  • It is a light, scented perfume that is evergreen
  • You would never leave dissatisfied while using it
  • Its fragrance would never fade
  • Anyone who wants a perfume that is soft scented should opt for it
  • It can work in any kind of setting and mood
  • It doesn’t stay as long as you might expect

Best Perfumes for Women in India – The FAQs

A huge chunk of the female population in the world has come up with a good number of questions regarding women’s perfumes. We have gathered some of them and answered the same after extensive research. Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions on the best perfumes for women in India.

Why are there many cases where I can’t smell my perfume, but others can?

The noses vary from one person to another, and in the same manner, their ability to smell an aroma varies. Some noses are undoubtedly quite better in detecting the aroma, while others lack somewhere. Also, there might be a case when we would get used to the scent, and so, we shall not notice it. But others who would have got this scent for the first time would definitely notice the aroma.

Where should I spray the deodorant/perfume?

It totally depends upon you whether you want to wear the fragrance on your hand or neck. But, it’s highly recommended to spray the perfume on your body’s pulse points. These include your neck as well as the wrist. The pulse points of the body are considered to be the warmer areas, and spraying your perfume there would assist in projecting the overall fragrance.

Will the perfume’s smell vary from one type of skin to another?

Yes, it’s undoubtedly correct. All perfumes change their smell based on the kind of skin they are sprayed on. It is because the perfumes contain various molecules that are quite similar to the human skin. They have the ability to react with the various elements of skin such as heat, diet, pH levels, and hormones.

Is it true that I need to smell coffee before trying out the perfumes?

No, it’s not at all true. Instead, it’s just a marketing technique so that you are spending more time in the perfume store than expected. All you need to do is just smell your own skin and then smell the perfume’s aroma. It’s as simple as you can see, and thus, you don’t have to try out any miscellaneous activity such as smelling coffee.

What can I do to increase the longevity of the perfume on my skin?

It is always notified that perfumes evaporate at a faster pace when they are applied on dry skin. Thus, the best way to enable the perfume fragrance to last for even more time period would be none other than applying a heavy cream on your skin. It’s not necessary that you have to apply a scented cream that would match the aroma of your perfume. You can also use an unscented cream on your skin.


The branded perfumes for women have always been the most impressive element that can be put on by a man as well as a woman. If you smell good, you are surely going to get much attention from the people around you. They would always love to talk and spend time with you. Thus, if you have the right perfume with you, you should undoubtedly get used to listening, ‘you smell too good.’ The above-mentioned perfumes for women in India are just the best, and you can choose to buy any out of them according to your preferences. You don’t even have to think twice before opting for them because we have come up with these reviews after an extensive survey.